What our clients say about our services…
We are humbled and honored by having the opportunity to serve many people in many different industries.
“I am pleased to say the support TECHONSITE provided our company has far exceeded our expectations. In particular, we have really noticed and appreciated the attention to detail, flexibility in availability and personal attention/integrity you provide. Knowing that our work on behalf of our customer, DirecTV, could not experience interruptions/downtime, working around our schedule (even on weekends, before/after business hours) made a real difference in our effectiveness and efficiency.The bottom-line is when I have experienced an IT issue, I know I could count on TECHONSITE to provide excellent response & service with great sense of responsibility, integrity and dedication beyond which is expected in this day and age.”

Dr. Wiliam Lindsey


“Technology impacts everything we do. And TECHONSITE is crucial in helping us maintain our cloud infrastructure, company documents, all of that stuff, plus helping manage our systems and email accounts and without all of that, we wouldn’t be able to communicate or get necessary information across and able to do our job effectively.

When we need them, they’ll respond right back. I’ll text them and they’ll respond right back, even after work hours. It is really really great response no matter what time of day, no matter what they’ve got going on. I would highly recommend TECHONSITE. They’re very knowledgeable, they are really easy to work with, they’re very accommodating and very reliable.”

Jen Earle


“TECHONSITE has provided our company with a well trained professional staff that continues to offer well designed and efficient IT solutions. Their personal and effective approach has assisted us by offering choices that are sound and meet the needs of our complex business requirements. Some areas we have utilized TECHONSITE are in our internal development efforts, 24 hour support, and other outsourcing assignments such as network and web server migration and installation.

We are very satisfied with TECHONSITE’s service and look forward to maintaining our strong business relationship with our growing company.”

Joseph Ozaki


“When TECHONSITE shows up, they’re professionally dressed.

A lot of computer work can be crisis-oriented especially if your network is down and your email’s down and so you are sort of panicked. And to have them come in, they’re calming, and they’re captivating. It gives you a sense of confidence and you don’t see that a lot in the industry.

In terms of availability, it is not an issue. I can’t think of a time where I needed them and they were not available. I couldn’t be with a company I couldn’t reach. In terms of cost, they will provide me with options depending upon the budget. They are very conscious and they will come up with solutions that can fit every budget. I really appreciate that about TECHONSITE and that’s really a huge benefit. I’m a little spoiled having TECHONSITE.”

Amy Fuller


Hello TECHONSITE. As you know by now, our IT needs and services can get complicated and demanding at times.

From the feedback I’m getting internally, your company has been a very good match for our needs. You are very responsive and good with follow through. So far nothing has fallen through the cracks and issues have been attended to in a timely fashion.

Just wanted to let you know that we all appreciate what you do for us and hope to continue this relationship for years to come!

Zari K.


“I wanted to express my thoughts regarding TECHONSITE services and how it impacts our business.

As you know, we rely heavily on technology to run our business and cannot afford to be down. When we have an issue, you are quick to respond and extremely reliable and available even on weekends.

We are really happy with the work you are doing for us.”

Rebecca Jennings

President & CEO

“Matt timely arrived and was on site for about two hours. TECHONSITE promptly ordered our new router, and Matt ensured that we can disconnect from our current internet-connection, to the old internet-connection in the event of any issues. Not only is Matt, at TECHONSITE, extremely smart, but he is incredibly kind & gifted, and a very nice guy. Upon his departure, he tested our Internet speed – 53mbps-Download / 5mbps-Upload. Unbelievable! He would not leave until he ensured that there were no issues.

TECHONSITE has our business continuity in mind with all of our technical decisions, as they understand we cannot have our internet-lines down for any length of time. Are we happy? Does OMG answer this question!? We are elated! We just sent a 10 MB file and it was dust in the wind within 45 seconds. Unfortunately, we needed to call the Fire Department to put out the Flames raging from my computer. HA! I will be referring everyone to TECHONSITE; and we will use Matt in the future. Thank you times a million for everything you have done for us!”

J. Sebastian Ragazzo


“I am impressed with TECHONSITE’s professionalism and cost effective solutions to our IT needs. They came in and assessed our situation and provided us with easy to use tools that helped eliminate some inefficiencies in our workflow and data security.

I now have peace of mind knowing that our data is secure and safe offsite. Now I can focus on serving our clients instead of worrying about IT problems. I recommend TECHONSITE to all law firms!”

Timothy Richardson II


“I have been utilizing TECHONSITE for my IT needs for approximately 5 years. The firm recently implemented the upgrade of a new server and workstations for my CPA firm. The majority of the work to configure the new server and workstations was done via remote login to my network, therefore there was no disruption to my normal day to day operation. The final steps of the implementation was done on a weekend so when my employees came to work on a Monday, they had new computers that were operational and the same desktop display as their old computers.

I chose TECHONSITE for the implementation because they have been responsive to my IT needs, they listen to the customer and do not try to oversell services, but they do offer recommendation for all IT needs. In summary, I would definitely recommend TECHONSITE to all business that need excellent technical support.”

John Weldon


“This letter is to attest to the immense value of TECHONSITE to the daily operations of NAWBO.

We came to you at a time when the organization was in transition and you helped us streamline transitions and provided the efficiency we needed in our virtual office environment.

You and your team came through with cost effective solutions by quickly evaluating the opportunities and issues in our organization and putting together a comprehensive plan in an expeditious manner. Cost, value, responsiveness and the right solution is important to us and we are very pleased with the results we have achieved.

We also feel assured that you are an e-mail or phone call away and always responsive to our needs even during evenings and weekends. We look forward to continuing our business relationship as our organization evolves.”

Helen Han

Former President & CEO

“I met with TECHONSITE, who helps fix computers, viruses, bugs, and cleanup any other issues anyone is having. Being moderate in my computer skills, I called TECHONSITE to come and check out my 2 computers.

They did Wonders! Cleaning them up and getting rid of many viruses, sped up my computers, which gives me more time to have with my family and made me feel more relaxed. I would highly recommend Matt and TECHONSITE to individuals and larger companies to help solve computer and networking problems as they are a Great resource for IT. Matt was super professional and very experienced.”

Todd Elliot

Owner / President
TODD ELLIOT, Entertainment
& Wedding/Event Planning

“J Chun represented the knowledge of business systems and processes required to implement solutions in a non-disruptive manner. J took on any role asked of him and found simple, straight forward ways to communicate sometimes overly complex processes in a simple, concise manner that fostered collaboration and positive results. I would hire TECHONSITE again in any role requiring a business analysis that could cross audiences between technology and business needs.”
Scott Burns Testimonial for Techonsite

Scott Burns

Vice President of Operations
MTI DISPATCH, North America

“There are a lot of IT support companies around, but whenever we have technical issue or question, there is only one company that we trust and it’s TECHONSITE.

We can rely on their fast, knowledgeable service at any time of the day, even on weekends. We get a response within 30 minutes and our problems are handled effortlessly and all the details are explained in non-technical terms. We are very pleased with their friendly service and trust their integrity in handling sensitive client data and keeping systems secured and well maintained.

TECHONSITE is a great resource to have in our line of work.”

James Oest


“Before I engaged TECHONSITE, I wasn’t able to take a vacation. I had not taken a vacation for almost 3 years. I could take the day or two here and there but I wasn’t able to take at least a week. When I engaged TECHONSITE, they gave me peace of mind where I didn’t have to be on call and I knew that someone was there to handle what needed to get done.”

Efren Sandoval


“If you want to grow your company and to find IT solutions to your existing problems especially if you’re doing a lot of things that are currently manual and you want to get those processes more efficient, then TECHONSITE is definitely a good partner; an excellent partner in terms of getting you to your goal. They talk to you in English, which is very important and to be on the same page. They’re very passionate and understanding to your needs and not just trying to sell you a bill of goods.

My blood pressure dropped and that’s huge. I spend a lot less time worrying about things, knowing that there’s someone there to help you if something does go wrong. I compare it to an insurance policy and if something does happen, the peace of mind that there is someone there to help you that knows your business, who can help you get it back on track. It’s really hard to quantify but basically it does provide a lot of assurance that I can focus on business and not worrying about IT.”

Mark Yoshizawa


“Matt Oxman of TECHONSITE is my “Go-To Guy” for all of my IT needs. He has always provided efficient, comprehensive technical solutions and support. He has demonstrated determination and creativity in successfully resolving a data retrieval crisis from a total mechanical melt-down – he worked through multiple methods to save my data, and would not give up until he succeeded.

He has made sound recommendations for some software procurements and clearly articulated the advantages and disadvantages of the available options in terms I could understand. He is experienced, trustworthy, helpful, friendly and very reasonably priced. It is worth every penny!”
Madeline Colston Testimonial for Techonsite

Madeline C. Colston


“Matthew Oxman from TECHONSITE is a professional of the highest order. He came to my office and quickly trouble shot the issues at hand. He was courteous and polite and informative.

I highly recommend this company to fix or enhance your network. If you just want things to run smoother or if there is a glitch in your matrix TECHONSITE has what it takes to get you to your optimal level of productivity.”

Andrew Sanesi

Property Manager

“It is a real pleasure to express my thanks and gratitude to TECHONSITE for always being there when a problem arises. They always swiftly find the source of my computer problems either by remote support or a service call.

The team is knowledgeable, highly professional, trusting and through their maintenance has kept many problems from occurring on our office computer equipment. From installing a new workstation and migrate all the data, troubleshoot Internet and e-mail connectivity issues to just a check-up, this team’s educated computer knowledge makes all other technician mediocre.”

Rae Macdonald

Exec. Director

“Since using TECHONSITE, our sales have steadily increased and I believe that everything they have done for us has absolutely helped in that process. If anything goes wrong, it’s fixed within a few minutes, so basically we have no issues throughout the year. Since we been with TECHONSITE, our cost have always been pretty low.

They find cost effective and better solutions to what we have. And they’re really good at response time; when you need something, they answer within seconds. We get a call back right away and they are on top of it. I can pick up the phone and call TECHONSITE whenever I need to and I don’t feel like I’m bothering them or I shouldn’t call them about this issue and it could be a stupid issue because I’m not really an IT person but it’s not a dumb question to them. They are helpful no matter what.”

Kim Tatei


“When was the last time you got something for nothing? Skeptical, you bet I was. I often say “you get what you pay for”. Was I surprised.

I received a flyer offering 2 hours of computer services FREE. Matt came to our office and tuned up 5 computers and it has been years since these machines have run so quick and without error messages. Matt not only is a computer “genius” but is also has a great personality. What a combination.

I intend to use TECHONSITE for all of my technology in the future. When Matt left our office we shook hands and there was no charge. I guess you can get something for nothing.”

Norm Korey


“We’ve been using TECHONSITE for years. I think we were one of their first accounts. They have done a superior job keeping our systems running smooth. They are very good and very professional. TECHONSITE has handled all of our server upgrades and integration of new hardware and software systems. As we have Continued to grow and our computing needs have increased they’ve been with us every step of the way. I would highly recommend TECHONSITE.”

Paul Nelson


“We have been working with J and his team for over 6 years now. They have provided us with outstanding service and resolved our IT issues time and time again. I have nothing but good things to say about them. It was by chance that we found them and I am writing this review to help other business owners find J and his team. J is honest and has great work ethics and he chooses his team members using the same value system.

Thank you TechOnsite and looking forward to the years that follow!”

Dr. K


“So far, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking and working with Matt to resolve multiple IT issues and he is on point every time! Quick to respond and always resolves a breath of fresh air! On behalf of our entire team, we would absolutely recommend this service to anyone! We use this company exclusively now.”

Melissa R.


“So far, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking and working with Matt to resolve multiple IT issues and he is on point every time! Quick to respond and always resolves a breath of fresh air! On behalf of our entire team, we would absolutely recommend this service to anyone! We use this company exclusively now.”

Kim Y.


“Techonsite have been providing tech support for our small non-profit for the last several months, and they’ve been lifesavers. They’ve been knowledgeable, competent, and gracious. They’ve covered a lot of ground for us including network issues, hardware issues, domain issues, and managing Office 365 for our team.

They’ve been available and timely in their communication. They’ve helped me understand the problems so that my own competency grows as I manage our IT systems. Thanks Techonsite!”

Betch C.


“I called this company for help with malfunctioning PC. Matt answered, and for no charge, took a good deal of time to listen to my description of the issues and as well, walked me through some steps to try on my own to see if it would resolve the problem. This took place over a few phone calls. He was genuinely helpful, nice, generous and knowledgeable. We discussed his services further should I need them but there was no upselling nor was he pushy in any way.

I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Janie M.


“Great service, great company! They did a great a job on diagnostic and repair of my desktop computer, provided good service and answered all my questions! Highly recommend this company!”

Dmitri L.

Marina del Rey, CA

“Hands down the best IT Services Company in MDR and its surrounding areas! They work hard just to get my issues fixed. They will spend time to make sure that the problem is resolved. Special shoutout to Chandler who drove as far as East LA just to fix our printer! Kudos!”

Aaliyah G.


“My first yelp review goes to Matt at Technosite. Extremely happy with what I experienced with Techonsite. Specifically, a huge shoutout and thank you to Matt. His positivity and friendliness help ease the process a lot. And he is one resourceful tech guy! My computer won’t survive without him. Spent an hour with him and we were able to do some true magic to revive a near death C drive. One of a kind experience and Matt is just a wonderful human being. Definitely will recommend to anyone with a computer problem.”

Daniel L.


“I called Techonsite because I was having a computer issue. I spoke with J and he was able to diagnose the problem and told me how to fix it. I thought at the very least he would want to bill me for a phone consultation. To my surprise J said don’t worry about it there’s no charge! He was happy to help me out. This act of kindness gave me a level of trust that I felt comfortable with. It had been a while since I had an expert service my computer so I decided to schedule an in sight visit and evaluation. J’s partner Matt came to my office and within a few hours updated my system, cleaned up a bunch of files that were slowing down my computer’s performance and installed an anti-virus program. A few days later a small glitch occurred and Matt was able to remotely log onto my computer and quickly fix the problem. These guys are knowledgeable, honest, have great attitudes and their rates are very fair.”

Don W.

Santa Monica, CA

“Could not be more pleased with their service! Our office has been having network issues for months, and we’ve had people come in and charge us ridiculous amounts of money with no improvement. J and Matt fixed our network in only a couple hours, and was very reasonably priced! I would 100% recommend.”

Kaitlyn L.


“Techonsite has been very helpful with the IT issues in our dental office. J came out and made sure our network was working smoothly. Later when we had another issue he quickly resolved it via the internet and he didn’t even charge us for it! I would highly recommend Techonsite for anyone’s tech needs.”

Josh P.


“I sell Time Warner Cable Business Class services, and one of my customer’s let me know they needed help ASAP to get their Point of Sale up and running again after it stopped working. I called Techonsite in the morning, and they were able to help that same afternoon before the Point of Sale was needed in the evening. J had everything working an hour after arrival, and my customer was thrilled. The service they got from Techonsite was professional, fast, and could not have been better!”

Stephanie A.

Lynwood, CA

Great service, very knowledgeable and efficient!

Thanks Techoniste!

Techonsite Client Testimonials.

Karen Finson

Owner, KF Forensic & Medical Consulting

“Matt and Jim did an amazing job troubleshooting my printer and drivers in order for me to print from my laptop to the central printer in the office. They were patient, super helpful and didn’t give up, even though there were so many roadblocks. We finally had success and I am now functioning at 100%. Thank you for an amazing job! I highly recommend TechOnsite!”

Susie N.

Encino, Los Angeles, CA

“These guys were incredibly helpful and fast. They did in seconds what Ricoh tech support couldn’t do in 30 minutes and then they just gave up. Now I know who I’ll be calling from now on!”

Lorenzo S.

Culver City, CA

These guys are amazing! All I had to do is explain what my problem was and they solved it with no problems!

I highly recommend these technicians! Would do business again! Thanks for helping the law firm. A+++++++.

Isaac M.

Los Angeles, CA

So I had a computer that had died and I thought it was the hard drive and they confirmed, that yes, it was the hard drive and we laughed and laughed and laughed because of course my computer was pretty much ancient technology anyway.  And everything was backed up.  

So they recycled it and wiped the hard drive and I was out the door and on my way with great advice about what computer I should buy next . . .

Great service.  Couldn’t ask for better, actually.  And I ain’t no robot.”

Justin G.

Los Angeles, CA

“I am a relatively new client of TechOnsite and am very pleased with their service. They recently assisted me in setting up a newly established business including the selection and installation of all technology.

I have worked with internal and external tech support teams for many years and have never met a more competent or responsive group of professionals!”

Larry R.

Manhattan, New York

My computer had a white screen without any home screen, icons, or background photo.  I called J and he volunteered to come by my place.

As I had already disassembled everything I told him I would come by the office.  In less than 15 minutes, J solved the my computer problem and had my computer working like new.

I highly recommend J and TechOnsite for any computer needs!

Ron U

Los Angeles, CA

Matt and J could not have been more professional or qualified to help our startup get things up and running!!

We had some VOIP and server issues, and they got us on the right track before we knew it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking for onsite help on the west side. Thanks Matt and J! You guys are the best 🙂

Connor M.

Los Angeles, CA

Matt setup a new email system for the company I work for. I was able to get questions answered on the spot. 

He is a great communicator and very efficient. He handled the migration process with ease and I would definitely recommend his services!

Katherine G.

Los Angeles, CA

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