Service Methodology

Our Phased Approach
From Network Audit to full engagement, our service is broken down into three phases.


Discovery, Documentation & Assessment

Transparent process that will serve to give your organization as well as Techonsite necessary information to identify issues and lay the framework for Phase II.
Our goal for Phase I, the Network Audit would be discovery, documentation and planning. There may be some urgency, so we will move as quickly as possible. We will find out what you need toknow to make the right decisions. On our part, we will be responsive, organized and reliable.
  • Complete inventory of all equipment
  • Network topology map/diagrams
  • Identify and assess bottlenecks and points of failure
  • Identify and assess security vulnerabilities
  • Equipment warranty & support status
  • Check Logs

PHASE 2 (Ongoing)

Repair, Support & Maintenance

Once Phase I is complete, we will follow up with a meeting to present you our finding and a recommended Action Plan. A thorough Network Audit will give us an idea of how much work and resources will actually be required to support the organization.
  • Server maintenance and monitoring
  • Network maintenance (bandwidth, load balancing, redundancy, etc.)
  • High availability network
  • Clear and transparent task management system
  • Systems Metrics (bandwidth, power, etc.) and Reports
  • Backup / Recovery process & test
  • Database administration, tuning, maintenance
  • Support and optimize legacy applications and systems
  • Staff support – desktop, Exchange, updates
  • Phone system support
  • Power tests (UPS, generator, etc.)
  • Vendor support
  • On call support


Infrastructure Management & Growth Planning

If we earn your trust and move onto Phase II, we will become your strategic business partner working alongside you to bring stability, expertise and strategy to help you manage your business while we manage your IT infrastructure.
  • Design and plan implementation of scalable systems solutions to accommodate growth and business continuity (network, server hardware, etc.)
  • Network maintenance (bandwidth, load balancing) integration and upgrade project activities to ensure that goals and objectives are accomplished within the prescribed time frames
  • Examine cost control method
  • Perimeter security
  • Policy development, creation, and recommendation as applicable in various areas, such as security, resource usage, and authentication, based on best practices according to industry guidelines
  • Develop other day to day policies and procedures
  • Disaster Recovery Planning – create and test plans designed to maximize system availability and/or protect data integrity in the event of a variety of natural and/or man-made disasters
  • Provide strategic planning and resource management for short and medium term projects and goals
  • Identify product usability and infrastructure improvements to generate revenue.
  • Expand Infrastructure and explore new opportunities

Small Business IT Support & Computer Services

Most businesses start with an idea and develop over time. Big businesses were once small. We understand the dynamic nature of running a small business and the constant ‘pull and push’ of keeping things running smoothly. We are here to make your lives easier so you can work ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ it. Let technology streamline your processes and do more with less.

Information Technology @ Work

Through the years many competitors have come and gone but we have stayed true to the commitment of providing the highest level of IT services, customer service and delivering unsurpassed value to our clients.  We rely on a firm belief system with a strong personal character that is important both professionally and in life.

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