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Admin Services & Support for Mac Desktops

We offer a range of services for Windows servers and desktops from network configuration to software and email management.
Mac Desktop Support & Admin - TECHONSITE

Macs, just like all other computers, require maintenance and management to continue running optimally. Running cleanup programs regularly and performing the necessary maintenance will ensure your Mac will always run like new.

We have begun to operate in a paperless world where all of our data in stored on a computer in some way. This is great, but storing all of your vital information on one device can end up being detrimental to your company. If the hard drive where all of your company’s data is stored decides to crash, there goes the functionality of your business. With data backups, your data be stored in different places, and the failure of one device will not determine the success/failure of your company.

The security of your devices and network has become so important, you can’t possibly have peace of mind knowing your company’s sensitive information could be taken at any moment. We know how to get your devices and network up to industry standard so security is never an issue.

Remote Support
Need assistance immediately? We can remotely control your computer and fix any of your issues within minutes.

Programs Installation and Configuration
We ensure that the installation and configuration of programs on your computer is a smooth and easy process that’s always done right the first time.

Printer Installation
Printing and scanning will always be an essential role in a professional environment. We ensure all printer/scanner functionality is at your disposal when installed on your Mac.

Network Installation & Configuration
The configuration of your network in critical when talking about your overall business performance. We make sure your network is optimized to perform well with all of your Mac devices.

Apple Devices Configuration
Networks broadcasted and managed by Apple devices can be flawless if setup correctly. We have the experience to properly manage your Apple network.

NAS Server
It’s essential to have all of your company data accessible by every employee, easily. A Network Access Storage server will guarantee easy file sharing and storage that is accessible on your Mac devices.

Workstation Monitoring
With systems specialized in monitoring your Macs to ensure their successful operation, we will see problems building before they happen.

Data Recovery
In some cases, you lose your data when you don’t have backups in place. We specialize in Mac data recovery that will retrieve your missing files.

Small Business IT Support & Computer Services

Most businesses start with an idea and develop over time. Big businesses were once small. We understand the dynamic nature of running a small business and the constant ‘pull and push’ of keeping things running smoothly. We are here to make your lives easier so you can work ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ it. Let technology streamline your processes and do more with less.

Information Technology @ Work

Through the years many competitors have come and gone but we have stayed true to the commitment of providing the highest level of IT services, customer service and delivering unsurpassed value to our clients.  We rely on a firm belief system with a strong personal character that is important both professionally and in life.

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