Ai in the Global Business World

Ai in the Global Business World | TechOnsite
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an immensely popular and widely used term, often serving as a buzzword in today’s technological landscape. People are increasingly fascinated by the capabilities of AI, from virtual assistants and smart home devices to personalized recommendations and autonomous vehicles. This popularity stems from the transformative impact AI has on various aspects of life. How will AI impact your business?
Ai for Art | TechOnsite

Using Ai For Art

Generative AI art is an impressive technology that combines human creativity with computer intelligence. The AI learns from a database of examples and uses that knowledge to make unique art. You simply provide a prompt, or description of what you’d like to generate.

For example: “Van Gogh painting of a mouse in a town”. Using AI to create art is an exciting and innovative way to generate new ideas with an endless number of possibilities.
iPhone iMessage | Beware of Hackers | TechOnsite TechInsights

iPhone user, beware! Hacks can access your sensitive info!

Update your iOS devices! The latest iOS update (15.7.7) fixes an issue where hackers were able to send an iMessage that can automatically capture sensitive information such as location, photos from the cameras, audio recordings, and more to hackers’ servers without user intervention.
Fax technology is over a century old but its staying power in modern business is impressive. The paperless, digital office was all the rage a few decades ago, but it seems the fax is still here to stay. A lot of businesses still have an analog phone line and a physical fax machine to send and receive faxes.

There are online digital faxing services that you can use to send and receive faxes via email. If you need to fax once in a blue moon, try They have a free fax service with their branded cover sheet or a low cost option for the occasional fax. We may not be able to get rid of this technology, but only keep that bulky fax machine around if you like hearing that funky fax transmission noise.
TechOnsite VoIP Solutions

VoIP Solutions

Business communications have evolved quickly with the digital age. Email may be a mainstay, but it is commonplace to use text, chat apps and video conferencing to conduct business. If a face to face meeting is not possible, picking up the phone is the next best thing. It is a tried and true way to communicate with your teammates, a prospect or a vendor.
A phone call bridges the gap between the asynchronous flow of emails and the impersonal quickfire texts or chat messages with a right balance of professionalism and expedient exchange of information. Internet telephony technology called voice over IP (VoIP), allows a business to have a phone presence with staff working anywhere around the world with the ability to route and transfer calls easily and calling out with the company phone number.

Computer Restart - What does it do?

Restarting your computer has several advantages. Firstly, it clears temporary files and refreshes system resources, boosting performance and responsiveness. It also allows the installation of pending updates, resolving software-related issues and enhancing stability.

Moreover, restarting helps reset hardware connections and drivers, effectively troubleshooting minor hardware problems.
By restarting your computer, you can experience improved performance, resolve software conflicts, and address hardware-related issues efficiently.

Try restarting your computer at the start of your day to resolve any conflicts and ensure your system is ready to work!
Common Charger Directive | European Union Council | TechOnsite

European Union Council approved common charger directive to USB-C

The European Union Council has approved to implement USB-C as the permanent standard charging solution for smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and other portable devices sold in Europe. This includes Apple, who is currently using the Lightning cable for some of their products such as the iPhone.

This decision aims to enhance consumer convenience, reduce electronic waste, and promote sustainability. It will simplify the charging process for consumers to easily find compatible chargers and share them among various devices, and set an example for other regions to follow, potentially leading to a more unified global charging standard.

How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

None. It’s a hardware problem.

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