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We can all agree that telecommunications plays a very important part in any business’ daily operations. Whether it be communicating within the internal company, with clients or partners, it is key in making any company successful. But with technology constantly evolving, did you know that there are now 40+ new features that phones can do to provide even better performance for efficiency and collaboration? 

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services as one of the most innovative advances technology has to offer. VoIP only needs to rely on a good internet connection and does not need a physical and dedicated phone like the traditional landlines. This means that the set up process for the VoIP system can be completed as quickly as in a couple hours. You can have your phones up and running in one afternoon instead of having to wait days for the phone company to come install a new line when using landlines. While traditional landlines have proven to be reliable and useful in the past, there are so many limitations with the basic phone features available that VoIP is the more appealing option to use to grow your business. 

Here are the top 10 features we love about VoIP:

    1. Access phones anytime and anywhere.
      Users no longer have to be only at the office in order to receive calls, This has been extremely useful for users who have to work remotely or work from home.  Make calls anywhere with the office number as the caller ID
    2. Softphone capabilities
      Big bulky phone systems on a desk are no longer required! Instead, any devices that have access to the internet can be transformed into a phone like your mobile devices or tablets.
    3. Versatile applications for different devices.
      Depending on the VoIP provider used, most have developed applications compatible for web clients, browser extensions, iOS and Android apps for your devices. This means you can place and receive calls within your browser, app or web client.
    4. Voicemail transcription and notifications.
      Increase efficiency of responding to missed calls by reading voicemails transcribed and sent to emails for multitasking
    5. Video conferencing and chat capabilities.
      Besides voice calls, video conferencing, and chat capabilities are available. Chat can be available by providing a unique URL or installing a plug-in.
    6. Inexpensive phone calls and plans.
      Cost of VoIP service depends on the provider but most offer pricing packages that are fixed monthly/annually. This makes it much more affordable than traditional landlines that charge per call. 
    7. Integration with third-party software like CRM services.
      Most VoIP providers are able to integrate the phone with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services like Salesforce and SAP.
    8. Reporting analytics available and backup of call history.
      Call metrics, user activity and average wait time are some of the different data that VoIP is able to collect and record for later analysis that can provide useful insights on how to improve customer experience. Backups can also be configured for call history and other data as needed.
    9. Add and remove user extensions anytime.
      VoIP makes it easy to scale up or down the size of a company by making the process to assign or remove phone extensions quick and simple. Depending on the VoIP provider, some even have templates ready to send to new users with detailed instructions and quick tutorials. With the upcoming holidays, this can be a huge plus for businesses that need to hire seasonal employees who will need access to the phone system.
    10. Virtual receptionist, call queue and call redirection available.
      VoIP systems gives the option to configure a virtual receptionist so all incoming calls are redirected to the right contacts. Call queues can also be enabled so that calls are not unanswered and the next available agent can answer calls when available. Incoming calls during after hours can also be redirected to a voicemail or custom message to provide a better customer experience.

The benefits VoIP has to offer are many and is continuously increasing. If you are interested in considering VoIP for your business, TechOnSite is ready to help you take advantage of this powerful technology, see how it can increase client and employee experience with telecommunication and answer any questions. We also recommend checking out 3CX, a VoIP provider and modern business phone system that is reliable and simple to use that includes all the features we mentioned above and more!

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