Prepare Your Technology For 2021

Prepare Your IT Systems For 2021 - TECHONSITE



Protect your computer systems with an effective antivirus software to catch any malicious threats or harmful viruses. For better protection, we recommend small to medium size businesses to have Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) technology to monitor and respond to cyber threats.


Protect your data from accidental loss or ransomware. Without a backup process in store for data on your computers and/or server, you can be at risk of losing data permanently. Backups can help recover data saving you precious time and unnecessary expenses.


Protect all company accounts and logins for your employees with a password manager to lower chances of any credentials being compromised. Single sign-on (SSO) can also be implemented to provide easier access for employees to use one single sign in credential across multiple different platforms and applications.

Updates & Patches

Hackers love security flaws. Software updates & patches are necessary to keep your computer devices up-to-date, stable, and safe from malware and other threats.


Cloud Applications

Cloud Computing options like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 services can replace the need for onsite servers that are costly and cause downtime. Files hosted on the cloud can be accessed remotely for collaboration with cloud-based applications that come with the M365 subscription.

System Optimization

A computer lagging on an application each day for a few minutes can add up. Have your systems optimized to perform efficiently for greater productivity. An upgrade to a Solid State Drive (SSD) could also contribute to a better user experience.

Unified Communication

Utilize an internal communication platform such as Microsoft Teams or Slack for employees to collaborate and host video meetings. This is a good tool for anyone who needs to work remotely.

Fast Network & Wifi

A network infrastructure and internet service is the backbone of a modern office. We build and maintain a robust network, managing the routers, switches and access points to achieve fast and secure data flow.

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