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Admin Services & Support for Windows Servers and Desktops

We offer a range of services for Windows servers and desktops from network configuration to software and email management.

Windows Desktop & Servers Admin and Support - TECHONSITE

Work Station / PC Services

Computers tend to become sluggish over time, especially when they aren’t getting their proper amount of maintenance. Maintenance optimizes your computer so it never becomes slow, ensuring your machines are performing at peak efficiency, always.

As the business world quickly goes paperless, important data is usually being stored in one place. This one place is what’s called a ‘Single Point of Failure’. If one hard drive in your business decides to crash, you could lose all of your important company information. Backing up your data is the only guaranteed way to ensure your business never loses the data it needs to thrive.

We specialize in many things, and building and repairing computer hardware is one of them. If your company’s computers are starting to get a bit behind the times, it may be time to replace them. We can install, build, or even just recommend exactly what you need for your business.

If ever there was an essential function that is the primary means of business communication, it’s email. We offer many different, affordable possibilities for email solutions ranging from in-house email servers, to hosted exchange services.

It takes a lot of space to hold all the data used in the daily functions of your business. We make storage easy by implementing a NAS (Network Access Storage) server at your company. This ensures a centralized, inexpensive, simple way for your company to store and share its data.

Many companies today use specialized software that is geared directly toward their business needs. We have experience with countless amounts of software, and we can guarantee the successful management of yours.

No Problem We Can’t Solve
Many of the technological issues you have in businesses today are random and can’t seem to be labeled as anything specific. We solve issues just like this every day, and we thrive on the opportunity to make your technology problems disappear.

Server / Network Services

Network Configuration
Computers tend to become sluggish over time, especially when they aren’t getting their proper amount of maintenance. Maintenance optimizes your computer so it never becomes slow, ensuring your machines are performing at peak efficiency, always.

The implementation of a domain in your work environment is the best way to easily manage your company. With domains, all of your users can be easily set up and managed from a central server.

Server Specialization
Years of experience have given us the knowledge to know exactly what functionality a server can play in your company. Servers can provide storage, control your domain, house your website, and much more.

Local Workstation Management
Every employee in your business uses a computer, and the more they use them, the more they need to be managed. We will manage all of the machines in your business and ensure they are functioning at peak efficiency so you don’t have to.

In this day and age, network and computer security is essential to guaranteeing your company’s information is never accessed by unauthorized persons. We will implement security measures to make sure your business is up to the network security standard.

“It had been a while since I had an expert service my computer so I decided to schedule an on site visit and evaluation… These guys are knowledgeable, honest, have great attitudes and their rates are very fair.”

Don W., Santa Monica, CA

“Techonsite has been very helpful with the IT issues in our dental office. J came out and made sure our network was working smoothly. Later when we had another issue he quickly resolved it via the internet and he didn’t even charge us for it!  I would highly recommend Techonsite for anyone’s tech needs.”

Josh P., Palms, Los Angeles, CA

“Could not be more pleased with our service! Our office has been having network issues for months, and we’ve had people come in and charge us ridiculous amounts of money with no improvement. Techonsite fixed our network in only a couple hours, and was very reasonably priced! I would 100% recommend them.”

Kaitlyn L., Westlake Village, CA

“Techonsite could not have been more professional or qualified to help our startup get things up and running! We had some VOIP and server issues, and they got us on the right track before we knew it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking for onsite help on the west side. Thanks Techonsite! You guys are the best :)”

Connor M., Los Angeles, CA

“We’ve been using Techonsite for years. I think we were one of their first accounts.  They have done a superior job keeping our systems running smooth.  They are very good and very professional.  They’ve handled all of our server upgrades and integration of new hardware & software systems.”

Cyndi N., Lake Forest, CA

“Techonsite provides excellent service! They are very responsive and they really pay attention to their customers. I would recommend their service to anyone!”

Melanie L., Culver City, CA

“I’m a serious customer! I don’t have time for small talk either, so when I say I’m thankful for J at Techonsite, I couldn’t be more serious. Techonsite is prompt and dependable. My business depends on their service and they deliver!”

Lisa H., Glendale, CA
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Small Business IT Services

Most businesses start with an idea and develop over time.  Big businesses were once small.  We understand the dynamic nature of running a small business and the constant ‘pull and push’ of keeping things running smoothly.  We are here to make your lives easier so you can work ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ it.  Let technology streamline your processes and do more with less.

Information Technology @ Work

Through the years many competitors have come and gone but we have stayed true to the commitment of providing the highest level of IT services & support, customer service and delivering unsurpassed value to our clients.

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