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Referral Program

Do you have friends or colleagues who own or work at a small to med-size business and can benefit from our services?

Would you be happy to send them our way?

We Are Growing Our Client Base

Working with people like you is Awesome!

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Let’s help them have the same peace of mind you do. We’ll definitely be glad to assist them with their technological needs.

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Techonsite Referral Program

How Does It Work?

Fill out our online form.

A personalized email will be sent to the referral with the offer.

A $25 cash reward will be sent to you if we can get an appointment.

When the referral becomes a client of Techonsite, we will send you an addditional $75.

Referral Form

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* If you’d like to add more referral, kindly repeat the process of filling out the form.

More About The Referral Program

Our ideal client is a small business with 5 or more systems.

To the person you refer, we will give them a FREE Technology Audit; we will go onsite to conduct a thorough network check up to look for hidden problems, check security settings, find viruses, validate backups, troubleshoot a slow PC or diagnose any IT problem they are dealing with.

Even if your referral does not hire us, they will benefit from having a third-party conduct an audit of their systems. Normally we charge $500 for this service. Your referral is under no obligation to use our services.

We also promise to be 100% respectful of their time and will not do anything that might damage your relationship with them.