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Remember how mortified you felt when you lost data in a correspondence, on a spreadsheet, in a report, or worse, your business? Data disappeared in the blink-of-an-eye.

I. What is Data Loss?

In short, you have been robbed of your personal or business data, your leads, your contacts, and your money… all at the push of a button. Software products in use today have the potential to cause data loss – from Dropbox or Google Drive, to the flash-drive on your key chains. Because technology is readily available and misused, every employee has the potential to cause data loss.

II. The Cost of Data Loss

Data loss happens to more than 81% of all U.S. businesses. Most data loss isn’t due to hackers, but rather the majority of company data loss comes from risky employee actions and failure at the management level to implement comprehensive IT security policies. The average cost for each record lost average of $204 to recover it. Costs add up quickly – and that’s only to recover what has been lost – not taking into consideration the loss of new business opportunities, time-consumption, tediousness and laborious of your time-sensitive data recovery. Not to mention, data loss is very difficult to prove.

III. Causes of Data Loss

Data disappears when proper controls are overlooked – especially during hardware malfunctions, software corruption, human error, natural disasters, power outages, computer viruses, unsanitary conditions…just to name a few. Saving your data does not only mean backing it up, it also means protecting it.

IV. Your Business is at Risk

Some choose to overlook the damage caused by data loss while others seek extraordinary methods to recover the data. The truth of the matter is, data loss affects every unprotected business…everywhere!

V. No Heavy Hand on the Delete Key

Not only can data be stolen but it can also be accidently deleted. When data is not stored properly in a safe location, these single points of failure can come back and haunt you.

VI. Better Safe than Sorry

Keeping your data safe, also means to have it readily accessible even when your data appears to be lost. There are only two types of businesses: those who have lost their data, and those who will.

Three Important Questions

1. How long will your business be down when you lose data?
2. What will be the cost per-hour lost? (labor costs + down-time opportunity costs + rebuild costs)
3. What is your recovery plan?

Techonsite – Your Data Protection Solution

Give Techonsite a call today and we will help you understand the risks and the solutions to overcome data loss, and what Disaster Recovery Plan will work best for your needs. Techonsite helps you save and protect your data and your peace of mind one computer at a time.

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