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Providing quality service and doing business with integrity is the cornerstone on which to build a successful business” – is Techonsite’s core value and principle. Our clients can attest to how our state-of-art IT solutions have lowered their IT costs and met the needs of their complex business requirements. 

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The success of Techonsite begins with how we work, the results of our work, our successful collaboration 
and relationship with our clients and nothing but the good things that they say about us


Management of essential business policies, processes, equipment, data, end users, and outside vendors to deliver overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

If you want to grow your company and to find IT solutions to your existing problems especially if you’re doing a lot of things that are currently manual and you want to get those processes more efficient, then Techonsite is definitely a good partner; an excellent partner in terms of getting you to your goal.
Mark Yoshizawa

Dir. of Finance & Admin.
Goldline International, Inc.

Technology impacts everything we do. And Techonsite is crucial in helping us maintain our cloud infrastructure, company documents, all of that stuff, plus helping manage our systems and email accounts and without all of that, we wouldn’t be able to communicate or get necessary information across and able to do our job effectively.
Jen Earle


Network and

Building and managing robust networks by connecting routers, switches and access points and making sure data flows fast and securely.

Some areas we have utilized Techonsite are in our internal development efforts, 24 hour support, and other outsourcing assignments such as network and web server migration and installation. We are very satisfied with Techonsite’s service and look forward to maintaining our strong business relationship with our growing company.
Joseph Ozaki

Goldline International, Inc.

A lot of computer work can be crisis-oriented especially if your network is down and your email’s down and so you are sort of panicked. And to have them come in, they’re calming, and they’re captivating. It gives you a sense of confidence and you don’t see that a lot in the industry.
Amy Fulmer

Futuretech Staffing, Inc.

Knowing that our work on behalf of our customer, DirecTV, could not experience interruptions/downtime, working around our schedule made a real difference in our effectiveness and efficiency.
Dr. William Lindsey

Lincom Wireless

Security Risk and

Building and managing robust networks by connecting routers, switches and access points and making sure data flows fast and securely.

I now have peace of mind knowing that our data is safe and secure offsite. Now I can focus on serving our clients instead of worrying about IT problems. I recommend Techonsite to all law firms.
Timothy Richardson

McKenzie Law Group

Data Backup and
Disaster Recovery

Our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans have helped a number of small to med-sized businesses avoid the risk of unpredicted disasters and catastrophic data loss. We take on this accountability, so you can have peace of mind and focus on achieving your business goals.

Techonsite is my “Go-To-Company” for all of my IT needs. They have always provided efficient, comprehensive technical solutions and support. They have demonstrated determination and creativity in successfully resolving a data retrieval crisis from a total mechanical melt-down. They worked through multiple methods to save my data, and would not give up until he succeeded.
Madeline Colston


Application Admin
and Support

Clients we’ve worked with often find difficulty in managing their existing IT Applications. Our extensive IT application maintenance & support services have helped them reduce their maintenance cost & maximized their ROI.

They recently assisted me in setting up a newly established business including the selection and installation of all technology.

I have worked with internal and external tech support teams for many years and have never met a more competent or responsive group of professionals!
Larry R.

Manhattan, NY
(Yelp Review)

They manage our Windows servers and office network. They help us with some of our apple products as well.

They are more than an IT company - they offer high level strategy and have saved us money by helping us implement creative and budget friendly solutions to complicated problems.
Marcy C.

Los Angeles, CA
(Yelp Review)

Server Management
and Monitoring

Critical data is saved and runs on servers, either on premise or in the cloud. Server Management and Monitoring ensures peak availability, security and performance.

They have done a superior job keeping our systems running smooth. They are very good and very professional. Techonsite has handled all of our server upgrades and integration of new hardware and software systems. As we have continued to grow and our computing needs have increased they’ve been with us every step of the way.
Paul Nelson

Custom Foods, Inc.

Communication &

To work collaboratively with your colleagues or clients is more than having good communication networks. Smart collaboration suggests that all data that flow between devices and across the web need to be accessible and managed efficiently.

I have known J Chun for almost 20 years. He was head of IT for our investment management company, in charge of all systems and communications, and performed admirably.

Both he and his associates are first-rate technicians, and great people also.
Werner K.

Oxnard, CA
(Yelp Review)

We had some VOIP and server issues, and they got us on the right track before we knew it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking for onsite help on the west side.
Connor M

Los Angeles, CA
(Yelp Review)

Wireless and
Mobility Solutions

Wireless networks or technologies have allowed businesses & organizations to become more mobile. However, a poorly secured wireless network is particularly vulnerable to security threats & accidental intrusion. Our solutions are designed to enhance both of its security.

Techonsite is my go-to for help! They've also given great advice and serviced all of our server issues, telephone needs, wiring concerns and more.

I highly recommend them. Knowing they'll be there for us 100% as we change and grow gives me peace of mind. So glad they've got our backs!

Venice, CA
(Yelp Review)

Support Desk

Techonsite IT Support & Helpdesk is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When you call in, you will be connected and speaking to one of our IT consultants or team members. We are committed to providing flexible IT services & support to our clients.

As you know, we rely heavily on technology to run our business and cannot afford to be down. When we have an issue, they are quick to respond and extremely reliable and available even on weekends.

We are really happy with the work they are doing for us.
Rebecca Jennings

President & CEO
Hips & Curves

You and your team came through with cost effective solutions by quickly evaluating the opportunities and issues in our organization and putting together a comprehensive plan in an expeditious manner.

We also feel assured that you are an e-mail or phone call away and always responsive to our needs even during evenings and weekends.
Helen Han

Former President & CEO

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