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Getting Started With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the biggest player in the cloud computing market today. It is a suite of cloud-based, pay-as-you-go resources and services that you can use in building web applications by providing the primary infrastructure components with minimal support and administration costs. It provides more reliability, scalability and flexibility in deploying web-scale solutions than the traditional data centers.

Below is a simple analysis that represents an opportunity for AWS customers to increase the efficiency of their infrastructure systems and save.

AWS Service Offerings

Techonsite Amazon Web Admin Services

Amazon EC2
The reliable cloud instance service with SSD support and snapshot backup. Elastic Load Balancer : High performance Elastic Load Balancer. Auto Scaling : Spawn pre-defined EC2 instance automatically when traffic increased.

Amazon WorkSpace
Cloud Virtual Desktop with built-in office application.

Amazon VPC
Cloud Private Network with VPN connection to office and data center.

Amazon Route 53
High performance DNS with fail-over and load balancing.

Amazon CloudFront
Static Content Delivery Service with thousands nodes all over the world with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no commitments.

Amazon Glacier
Low-Cost secure storage service, specially good for archiving and Backup.

Amazon S3
Secure, Redundant, Fast Cloud Storage.

Amazon RDS
Memory Optimized DB Instances with better performance at lower cost; support MySQL, Oracle and PostgresDB. Reliable DB operation; automated DB backup, snapshot, Multi-AZ.

Amazon DynamoDB
Fast, fully managed NoSQL Database service with built-in fault tolerance. Fully distributed, shared architecture.

Amazon ElastiCache
Improve performance by fast managed, in-memory caches either by memcache or redis.

Amazon EMR
Web service that makes it easy to quickly and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data. Using Hadoop, Amazon EMR is used in a variety of applications, including log analysis, web indexing, data warehousing, machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulation, and bioinformatics.

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